After studying an IT degree, I realised it was not the creative career path I was hoping for, so I split to do a winter season at Big White Ski Resort in Canada. After that jolly, I decided to move to London.

I currently have a full-time position working in the Graphics department at Roland Berger Ltd. Our main job is making things look pretty …basically!

When I am not working for the firm I am a photographer. I have assisted my husband, Pete (aka Pegerteg) on photography assignments for various online publications.

“Aziza has helped me on a number of occasions by taking photos of gigs and club nights I have reviewed. She has a knack for capturing artists in great moments, using stage lighting to her advantage and getting shots which enhance my articles. I am happy to recommend her for any such job, as long as she’s still able to come along on my trips!” – Pete

I have contributed to Art Catcher exhibitions; worked as a wedding photographer and been invited for personal requests.

If you wish to chat, please feel free to email me at azizawalker at icloud.com.

Cheers for visiting!

Tim's 50th Birthday, 2021
Jens Jakobsen Floral Construction, 2013
Survival of the Fittest – Art Catcher, 2012
Spring at the Smokehouse – Art Catcher, 2012
Garden of Screams, 2021
Lynsey's Hen Do, 2017
Design of 4 Decades, 2013

Online contributions
Pulse Radio
Resident Advisor
Data Transmission
Elaine Cremin, 2016
The Chelladurai Family, 2016
Donal McElwee, 2012 & 2013
The Nunn Family, 2013

London Bride Magazine, 2016
Roland Berger
Christmas Parties
#Fun_LON Committee
Summer Events
Christina & David, 2019
Jo & Harry, 2016
Minna & Keith, 2015
Becky & Jim, 2013
Anette & Stephen, 2012
Rania & Thomas, 2012
Monica & Joe, 2012
Kirsty & Gregor, 2011
Laura & Barry, 2011
Graphic Designer:
Kelly & Peter, 2015
Cathy & Amit, 2013